Solving Common Internet Problems

Vilma Zuniga -

If you are currently unable to connect your KIPP laptop to the internet, please check the following

Ensure the wireless is turned on

Turn on the wireless network on by pushing the wireless switch button
This button is usually located on the right side of the computer.
Look for the wireless antenna icon. Ensure the button has been pushed to the correct side. If it looks red, it means the wireless is turned off
Press a combination of keys to enable your wireless network
For newer models like Dell Latitude E5450s and E5470s, press the Fn + PrtScr combination of keys to activate the wireless network

Restart your laptop

When laptops are not used for a few minutes, they automatically go into sleeping mode to save energy and resources unless the power settings have been modified. When they go to sleep, sometimes the network gets also disconnected. If that occurs, please restart your laptop so it can automatically enable the wireless network.

Ensure your password has not expired

If you think your password may have expired, please contact they help desk so we can reset your password. Expired passwords will not allow you to use your email or connect to the KIPP network.

Type the following  web address on your cell phone browser to contact the help desk:

Verify if other people are having the same problem

If you notice other users are having the same problem, please immediately notify the help desk by sending a ticket from your cell phone. This may be an issue that is affecting the whole school or campus. If you do not have a cell phone available, please contact the school business manager or the front desk staff so they can send a ticket for you.

For a detailed instructions, please download the attached document.

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