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If you are unable to print, below are a few issues that could be the main cause and a few things you can check to solve the problem:


1. Your proximity card has not been Registered on Konica Printers

Proximity cards need to be scanned and registered before you send documents to any of the Konica printers. Register your card by scanning the card on the printer and enter your username and password to associate the card with your credentials. Only follow this process for Konica printers; Dell and HP printers do not require cards as they do not have scanners installed. Also, jobs to be printed on the Konica printers need to be sent to the FindMe printer before they are released. See attached document for instructions to send the jobs to the right printer.

2. Jobs are being sent directly to the printer and not to the FindMe printer

For Konica printers, you need to send all printed documents to the virtual printer named FindMe. Once you send the job to this printer, you will be able to scan your card when you are ready, and release the jobs that need to be printed. This only applies to Konica printers, HP and Dell printers do not have scanners installed yet, so documents can be sent directly to the printer.

3. The printer needs a firmware update done by Konica

If the printer freezes when you scan your card, it scans some cards and not others, or it will not release any jobs, the printer firmware will be need to be updated. If you notice you and other people have this same problem, send a help desk ticket so a technician will check the printer and report it to a Konica representative so it can get serviced.

4. The Printer is Turned off or Disconnected from The Network

Ensure the printer is turned on and that the network cable (Ethernet) and the power cable are connected to the back of the printer.

5. The Toner Cartridge Needs to be Replaced

If the printer is displaying a message saying you need to replace the toner cartridge, please contact the office manager so they can install a new cartridge.

6. The Printer Does not Have Paper

Please check the main tray to make sure it has paper and that the paper is aligned correctly. Excess of paper and misalignment can cause an “out of paper” error.

7. There are Many Jobs Pending that Can’t Be Processed at the Same Time

Sometimes, when large jobs are printed at the same time, they could cause a printer error. When this happens, the jobs  that stay in the queue prevent other people from sending jobs. If this happens, it will be necessary to delete all the pending jobs on the printer queue, and restart the printer to erase those jobs. If restarting the printer does not fix the problem, please send a ticket so one of the help desk technicians can check this printer for you.

8. There is an Issue with the Printing Server

If all the network printers show as they are offline for multiple people, it is possible that there is a problem with the server. For this type of problem, first restart your computer and make sure it is connected to the network in case that the issue is just with your laptop. If this does not solve the problem, send a ticket to the help desk so they can check the server for possible errors.

9. Paper Jam

Remove the toner and the paper trays to remove the paper. Check front and back doors to clear the jam. Follow instructions on the printer screen that will guide you to remove the jam.  For each printer, it is a different process.

10. Printer Account Track is Turned On

Some schools have the Account Track function turned on for some Konica printers. This means you will need to request a code from the office manager so you can send jobs to this printer. Once you have received the code, on your computer please do the following:

Press start button > Type Devices and Printers >Right click the printer> Click Printing Preferences> Select Basic Tab> Click Authentication Account Track button > Enter the code provided by the office manager

11. Printer is Physically Damaged

If you noticed the printer has broken parts, and it is a Konica printer, immediately contact the school office manager so they can have it serviced. If the printer manufacturer is HP, Brother, or Dell, send a help desk ticket, so one of the technicians can assess the problem and determine what parts need to be purchased to fix the machine.


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